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  • momto4k
    started a topic After 341 meeting, what happens now

    After 341 meeting, what happens now

    Maybe I'll have better luck with a response here:

    Filed Ch. 7- 12/29/17; 341- 01/25/2018

    I received a letter from BK court, this is just a shortened version:

    Notice having been previously given that creditors of the above-named debtor were not required to file...
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  • astory
    started a topic Cars not picked up yet

    Cars not picked up yet

    Hi! I'm new posting but have been reading the forum for a few months. My chapter 7 was just discharged a few days ago and I wanted to know if/when the lenders will pick up the cars?

    History. --- I had 2 other Chapter 13 that were dismissed for late payment. So I basically filed 2 chp13...
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  • bubbadirect
    started a topic SPRINT contract and lease?

    SPRINT contract and lease?

    i will be filing for Chapter 7 in a couple of days. i currently have a contract with Sprint that includes leasing 5 cell phones. (started in May 2017, ending May 2019)

    attorney's paperwork asks "do you intend to keep or surrender"

    whay does this mean? do we get to...
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  • Exemption question 7 vs. 13? What would YOU do?

    I was going to file 7, but now am debating chapter 13. I currently owe $103k combined on 1st&2nd mortage, and the trulia/willow "ZESTIMATE" have it valued at $128K ($25k supposed equity?)

    The Indiana homestead exemption $19,300, which would leave me with $5,700 equity not...
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  • bubbadirect
    started a topic Question: BK filing fee waived?

    BK filing fee waived?

    I'm looking at obtaining counsel, but have 2 questions first.

    1) should I apply for the bk 7 filing fee to be waived, based on being under the 150% Federal poverty guidelines of $36,450 (family of 4) FIRST, then get a bk lawyer?

    2) what determines the FPL guidlines for filing?...
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  • How long does the creditor have to pick up items from secured loan after discharge?

    My Chapter 7 was filed July 28, 2017. The Meeting of Creditors was held Sept. 1 and the discharge was on November 1st. I had given my attorney all documents pertaining to any outstanding contracts so that they would know how to classify the debt. I had two loans to a finance company for furniture. It's...
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  • mrsSM
    started a topic Filed Chapter 7 Married

    Filed Chapter 7 Married

    My husband and I filed together, we've been discharged for awhile now. His credit score seems to keep getting higher and mine is still the same. Also we applied for credit cards to build credit and he get approved for more then I do? Does anyone know why that is? I'm starting to get frustrated. Does...
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  • Malkovich
    started a topic Post-discharge vehicle with no title

    Post-discharge vehicle with no title

    Hello everyone. I am coming up on 2 years since my Chapter 7 discharge and am not sure what to do with my vehicle. I had an auto loan of about $12,000 through Regional Acceptance that was discharged in the bankruptcy. It has a KBB value of about $2,200 today but needs about that much in repairs and...
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  • Where2start
    started a topic Over my head in taxes

    Over my head in taxes

    So I'm currently trying to help my mother navigate her financial troubles and I'm at a loss. She hasn't filled taxes since 2007 and the irs has been garnishing the majority of her wedges for past 3 years. After learning this news a few days ago we called them and set up a payment plan to reduce the...
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  • smallpanda
    started a topic Surrendered vehicle with bumper damage

    Surrendered vehicle with bumper damage

    I surrendered my truck in our bankruptcy, that is now discharged. The vehicle was repossessed on 6/6. I got notice from Geico today that a claim had been filed for the truck. I was rear-ended two years ago and was never able to get it repaired. My husband used the truck for work and we weren't able...
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  • Bugwood
    started a topic Attorney Woes and State Moves

    Attorney Woes and State Moves

    Hello all! I'm brand new to this site (discovered within the last week) and I'm eager to get some valued input from you all!

    BK journey began in late 2015 with filing of a C13. I was told of C7 eligibility but that changed after practically working 14hr + days for a few months (First Attorney...
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  • skof2017
    started a topic can disputes hurt your bankruptcy Chapter 7

    can disputes hurt your bankruptcy Chapter 7

    can disputes hurt your bankruptcy...

    Hi I have over 35 purchase dispute and its over the 3 years period of time. does it consider as fraud and can i be charge as fraud from the creditors ( the credit card people example american express, a Barclay, City).
    I stuck with this i have...
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  • Several questions about the way my Chapter 7 is unfolding

    First off, thanks to everyone who posts such good wisdom on this message board, it's the most useful I've found so far. I am going to be filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy here in California on August 1st. My attorney is somewhat difficult to get hold of, and his answers are often too cryptic for me to...
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  • Hearing for reaffirmation but no undue hardship?

    Hi there - my husband and I filed a ch 7 in Texas in January then had to move to Utah for work. We filed a reaffirmation agreement for our truck with Wells Fargo and our attorney signed it and marked that there was no undue hardship. Our income covers all expenses. However, last week I got a notice...
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  • Disabled Veteran - Questions / PLEASE HELP

    I've been lurking for a bit but this is my first post. Seems there is more knowledge here then with some Attorneys so maybe someone can help me. I cant seem to find an answer to these questions. I meet with an attorney yesterday but even he did not know.

    We are in CA. My husband is...
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