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Terminated versus Satisfied in Pacer

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    Terminated versus Satisfied in Pacer

    Hi there, I haven't seen this particular scenario asked about, so I was hoping to get some insight.
    I had my 341 on 12/8/2020, pacer has it listed as satisfied. I took the post-341 debt management course that weekend, got the certificate, it was submitted to my attorney and to the court, and I've also submitted my first two court payments (done on an installment plan approved by the court). The course and the payments are listed as terminated though. These were all done/received in a timely manner, so I'm not sure what this means and what the difference between satisfied and terminated is in this regard.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Your words read like you're entering a Chapter 13; can you confirm?
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      No, it is a chapter 7. The court payments I'm referring to is the court fee- they allowed me to pay in installments.


        The terms are really for the Clerk's office and may not always match to your expectations.

        The bottom line is that these are tickle dates for the Clerk's office and you shouldn't generally look at them. My 341 Meeting stills says awaiting 341 meeting, yet I was discharged years ago.

        Originally posted by justbroke
        From my 2010 posting on this forum:

        How (the clerk's office uses) the various Deadline/Hearing statuses are confusing. Some things are marked as terminated (to stop a timer, like the 11 USC 521 timer), and some things marked as satisfied. Some things are marked as both.

        For example, I have a Section 341 Meetings on my Deadline/Hearings page. One is marked terminated (that was my Chapter 13 341 Meeting). The other 2 are from Chapter 7 with one being marked "satisfied" and "terminated" (as they re-issued the 341 Meeting notice), and the 2nd one is only marked satisfied. Almost everything else is just "terminated".

        I don't think you need worry, because if there was an issue, there'd be a corresponding entry on the Docket (History/Documents) for a deficiency or other issue.
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        I am not an attorney. Any advice provided is not legal advice.


          Thank you so much, that does make a lot of sense. I didn't really think about the ways they enter that kind of information to stop deadlines/timers. I thought that was somehow informing me I did something wrong. I'm sure if that was the case I'd receive notification from my attorney or the clerk. Thank you for taking the time to answer this for me! Have a great day!


            I think terminated is good because my case is closed and it says "terminated"


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