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Asking auto loan lender to report payments on credit report after discharge

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    Question Asking auto loan lender to report payments on credit report after discharge

    We are in the final stages of Chapter 13 - our Trustee has already filed their Final Report and if there are no last minute snafus we should have a discharge and be closed by the end of August.

    When we originally filed in 2018 we did not reaffirm our car payment. We have paid it faithfully and on time for the past 6 years. As per usual, the lender has not been reporting these payments to the credit bureaus.

    I've read that you can reach out to the lender after discharge and ask to have them report the payment history. Has anyone had any luck with this? If so, are there any good templates? It would really help us rebuild credit.

    I have heard sporadic reports of some lenders reinitiating reporting, but with the proviso the history of payments made while in bankruptcy will be lost. For others, the lender never reports the status of the loan until it is paid in full.
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      It's tough to say. They don't like to report the payments if there is any hint that they could get in trouble for "attempting to collect a debt." You can always ask. If they allow such reporting, they will usually require a letter from the attorney absolving them of any issues.
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        Thanks shipo! Thanks JB!


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