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341 Meeting tomorrow

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    341 Meeting tomorrow

    Hi all,

    So tomorrow is my Chapter 13 341 meeting by telephone/zoom. I'm a little nervous but since finding this community and everyone's support I'm ready to take on the world and make come back wealthier than ever. Shout out to the amazing people on here!

    There's only one question I'm really worried about with the trustee and that's did you send anyone over $600 in the past year.. the answer is yes. I recently sent $1600 of my stimulus to support my girlfriend who was covering all of the child care (babysitter expenses) over the year. I hope they don't ask for that back from her.

    Other than that hopefully the payment doesn't change too much. I've already made two payments and I've made some major life changes for budgeting and making sure I'll be debt free in the next 3 years.

    Thanks again all,

    Good luck! I think these zoom trustee days are probably coming to an end so its to your benefit.


      You'll be great! I think I recall that it's your biological child. that would not be an issue since it is for the health and safety of your dependents/family. Just review this with the attorney on how to respond.
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      Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


        I can't imagine trustee taking back a payment that was used to cover child care expenses. I am not an attorney, but it is a child's well-being - it's not like you gave her the money to buy furniture. I expect things should be fine.


          Hi all!

          341 over!

          Didn't go too bad, but wasn't as smooth sailing as I anticipated. The trustee never asked if I transferred any money so that was comforting, but she did ask if I received a work bonus. Annually I do receive a company bonus depending on how well the company does, but this isn't side money or money that goes off the record. This should have been determined into my annual income by my lawyer's plan so I was kind of blindsided by it. She asked me if I still had the $3000-4000 bonus in my account. I told her it was a combination of that and stimulus money. I never heard anything back whether they would use some of that money to pay creditors (but most of you said that money is most likely safe) Either way If I have to pay someone at least it's there.

          Lastly, another silly hiccup was I pay $300 for a reliable car that's in my girlfriends name. They asked if I pay for insurance, and I told them no even though I do pay $50 a month to her.. I said no just because My name isn't the account holder, it's just a insured driver since the vehicle is in her name. They wanted documentation of that which I sent over. Oh I failed to mention that I pulled an all nighter to attend this meeting since I work nights. I did not answer that question properly, but did tell my lawyer after the fact that I do pay for Car Insurance.

          I hope everyone had a great day today and I will too also help anyone who has bankruptcy questions from my experiences. Thanks again all for taking the time to help and read this.


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