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New NDC status, "Interim, Discharge & Close"

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    Well whaddya know; perseverance works (sometimes). I tried yet another browser and was able to get in and query my case (interestingly enough, my case number on NDC is not the same as in Pacer; both formatting and information are somewhat different). I now have a page up with links to the following:
    • Alias
    • Associated Cases
    • Attorney
    • Case File Location
    • Case Summary
    • Claims Register
    • Creditor
    • List of Creditors
    • Deadline/Schedule
    • Docket Report ...
    • Filers
    • History/Documents
    • Notice of Bankruptcy Case Filing
    • Party
    • Related Transactions
    • Status
    • Trustee
    • View Document
    I clicked on the "Case Summary" page and the Pending Status field says, "Awaiting Closing"; no surprise there.

    I then clicked on the "Status" page and see two lines under the "Status" column, both are set to "Awaiting Closing", the first status was set by, "Order Confirming Chapter 13 Plan" aged at 1,798 days, and the second status being set by, "Order Discharging Chapter 13 Debtor" aged at 18 days.
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      Yay - you’re getting closer. It reads like it could close any day. Pacer is going to post sooner than NDC, if NDC even updates any longer. The only thing you want to look at in pacer is the status. Hoping you see the close soon.
      Filed Chapter 13 - 07/20/12
      Discharged 8/2/16


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