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Considering dropping health insurance for 1 year

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    Considering dropping health insurance for 1 year

    Looking ahead to 2021, all the talk is how health insurance premiums will skyrocket. My employer's plan already skyrocketed the plan year after I entered the bankruptcy due to several cancers, dialysis and a couple of heart surgeries in our small group.

    I can't imagine paying any more. My income was figured at a time where I'd had a TON of overtime that went away just before filing. I offered to have my employer write a letter at the time stating there would never be overtime again, but that wasn't an option. As it is, I barely get by, live on rice/beans/spices and pay utilities late. I have no hot water (need new water heater), my furnace needs repaired, and thank God I live close enough to work to walk because my car's tires and brakes are so bad that the dealership said they'd no longer change the oil in because they couldn't let me drive out of there in good conscience. These are just a few things on the list.

    So I am thinking of taking the chance of dropping my employer's insurance for 2021 and using that money to try and get some of these things taken care of. Yes, I do understand what a huge risk this is. I've researched short-term/catastrophic plans and have considered going with one of those to at least have coverage for part of the year.

    My question is, would this be allowed? Can I do this? Would it be some sort of violation to have my plan dismissed?

    My gut tells me that is a very bad idea, instead, my gut once again tells me you should perform a detailed analysis of what it costs you to live from month to month (including the new insurance premiums) and then apply that against your current income and then have your lawyer push for some relief. I have no idea if this will qualify you to flip to a Chapter 7, or at least a reduction in what you pay to the Trustee every month. I do not believe the intent a Chapter 13 requires you to eat beans and rice, walk to work instead of fixing your car and hot water heater, and to go without health care.

    Long story short, it isn't in anybody's best interest, especially yours, for you to get sick and become disabled or even die for want of health insurance.
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      I agree with shipo. Do not get rid of any insurance because that can be catastrophic for obvious reasons. Please go back to your attorney. You should not be living like that in a Chapter 13 (unless you are trying to protect property that you simply can't afford).

      Also realize that those in an existing Chapter 13 when the novel coronavirus hit, are entitled to extend their plans (up to a total period of 7 years). You can stretch out the payments at least an additional 2 years which can help. I would strongly look to my attorney to look at conversion to Chapter 7. If you're trying to protect property (a house) then you need to decide if it is worth the effort. I tried to protect investment property in my Chapter 13, and the $7,700/month payment to the Trustee was just ridiculous so I converted to a Chapter 7.
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      I am not an attorney. Any advice provided is not legal advice.


        I agree with Shipo and justbroke....the time you don’t have health insurance is the time you’re going to need. Contact your attorney to see what he/she can suggest to help you. When you’re ready to give up health insurance, something is wrong with your plan...good luck.
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          I agree that it is not a good idea to go without health insurance. I don't know your situation, but if you are low income, there may be other options. I used my state's connector plan for about 5 years, and since last year, have moved on to Medicare.


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