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Question about Discharge

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    Question about Discharge

    Hi all so I have my Chapter 13 discharge dated 10/19 case shows closed 10/7 and Trustee Final Report is 11/3. I've received the final cure notice from mortgage company. Is my case done/closed/finished? The only missing date is a Bar Date but Trustee set a 12/05 deadline is that when everything will close? Just curious. My reports are still a mess just trying to not apply too soon; when will my reports get a huge bump? So far I saw bout 98 pts via FAKO but my FICOs are not great? I have no installment loan yet will pull PenFed SSL in January trying to build up first any other ideas? Let me know? I'm done woth Cap1 never want them again and Navy FCU was included in my 13. I have an acct with them, USAA, but my direct dep go to NASA FCU. Funding PenFed today right now I just opened savings what kind of acct should I open with PenFed? They already said 5 day hold on all deposits for 6 months. I had major issue with my accts pre Ch13 guess it stays. Any advice would be helpful; thanks in advance!

    I think the Trustee is waiting for any objections and your case will eventually close. When your case is closed, PACER will show a "date discharged" and a "date terminated" date. The "date terminated" is the date is was closed. The "date discharged" speaks for itself.

    For the PenFed Shared Savings Loan (SSL), I'd open a $0 cost checking account which will come with that share account. Then get the SSL. The only hint I have for you on the SSL is to make it for 60 months regardless of whether you can pay it off quicker! You want to have an active and open "installment loan" for as long as possible. Don't pay it off early! Just use the technique to a.) open the SSL, b.) wait until first statement, c.) pay off all but 8% of the balance, d.) don't touch it until the end!

    There may be something that you can do with your demand deposit accounts. You should contact ChexSystems and get your report. Then tell them that you filed bankruptcy. They'll usually clear out all the negative stuff (NSF - insufficient funds, bad account, and other negative banking information)! This will give you a fresh start with the banks (except the ones where you already bank).
    Chapter 7 (No Asset/Non-Consumer) Filed (Pro Se) 7/08 (converted from Chapter 13 - 2/10)
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    Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


      Regarding the SSL, I opened mine for three years with the thinking I'd pay it off once I obtained either a mortgage or a car loan, and I did just that. Last month I bought a new car and the Toyota Finance interest rate was only 2.49%, which means it makes no sense to pay cash for the car, so I took out a loan from TFS and paid off my PenFed SSL.
      Chapter 13 (not 100%):
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      • 60th Payment (posted): 07-Feb-2020
      • Discharged: 04-Mar-2020
      • Closed: 23-Jun-2020


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