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    Creditor Address

    I'm having a hard time finding addresses for some of my creditors and am wondering if someone might have them.

    Elan Financial Services
    Capital One (surprised that I can't find this one but there are so many)
    Millennium Trust Company, LLC

    The other addresses I got my my statements that stated a specific bankruptcy address but no matter how I search I can't find the address for the others. I know you have to have the right address for the notices especially filing pro se.

    If I am not mistaken, Elan Financial Services is somehow affiliated with U.S. Bancorp. I don't have their address, but I'm betting if you call the main Customer Service number for U.S. Bancorp they'll give it to you.
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      I would use either the address on a 3-bureau report, or from your billing statement. If using the billing statement, look for the correspondence address.

      I believe that anyone who is filing pro se should run a 3-bureau credit report (or a tri-merge if you can get one). This will list everything from at least the last 7 years. You may also want to see if you can get one from LexisNexis for free, as well as get a free one from ChexSystems. That should cover everything.

      (Note: a three-bureau report could be obtain using a "free" trial from one of the major credit bureaus... just make sure you end your trial period!)
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        Using court listener 'recap archive', searching for Elan Financial Services i found this

        They have tons of addresses. Perhaps refine the jurisdictions to your state?

        for CAPITAL ONE

        for Millennium Trust Company, LLC


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