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Crazy attempted repo

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  • Crazy attempted repo

    First little history, My RAM 1500 was IIB and never reaffirmed. I paid it off 100%, Was never late on a single payment before during or after and received a legit lien release and sold the truck. Purchased a Brand new 2011 lincoln mkz hybrid(Really nice car btw, Highly recommend it.)

    This is crazy, I woke up at 3am in the morning last night to loud banging on my door and I open my door to see a tow truck in my lot and the scariest looking guy I have ever seen, I mean this guy was HUGE. Anyways he informs me he is here for my RAM 1500 and that he thinks its in the garage. Goes on to tell me that if I don't give him the keys and open the garage he is going to push his way in and take it himself.

    At this point I inform him, I paid it off and sold it 2 months ago and bought that, I point to my new car. This is when this guy just gets red in the face. starts cussing me out calling me a scum bag, telling me to prove it or he will tow my new car and sell it to get the banks money back. At this point I am like what!? and knew he was full of crap.

    At this point I AM one, glad my wife wasn't home alone and 2, PISSED, REALLY REALLY PISSED. I inform him that if he doesn't leave NOW, I will be calling the police and I open the door to reveal my loaded pump action shotgun. I thought for sure that would get the guy to leave, Buy nope, He just gets more confrontational went as far as to threaten my family. Finally I pump one into the chamber to show him the gun is indeed loaded and point at his head and tell him I am feeling in danger of myself and my family, my next action is to pull the trigger, He hitailed it out of there like a bat out of hell. Left to good size marks in my driveway and the street in front of my house. Who the heck knew tow trucks were capable of that.

    Anyways that's not the end of it, 20minutes later I get cops banging on my door. The jerkwad called them and told them he was trying to repo a truck and I shot at him, Not pulled the gun, But shot at him. I got the whole forced on the ground at gunpoint, handcuffed, shoved in the back of the cop car while my kids are now awake screaming and my wife is freaking out and the jack wad is standing there laughing. Finally the police get around to questioning me and I explain what went down, At first the didn't believe me entirely, However, I have several camera's (2 with audio recording) around my house. Happens that the one pointed at my front door is one of the ones with audio. Apparently my neighbors were awakened by the ruckus and witnessed half of it and to top it off the police could see my gun had not actually been fired and I had sense pulled the shell out of the chamber.

    So I got the last laugh, He was immediately arrested on several charges and his truck was impounded as "evidence in an ongoing investigation". I suspect the police were pissed, Because they gave him a list of charges, some of which I have never heard of and I don't beehive they had to impound the truck. To top it off, when he was in the car, I had the police show him the copy of the lien release and the bill of sale for the RAM to show him I was at no point lying.

    When the police asked me If I wanted to press charges I wasn't sure. So I am supposed to talk to the detective in charge tomorrow.

    On any note, I gave them a copy of the video footage, And If I can figure out how to blur the Plates, bleep out some of the info, and cut it down to size, Ill be posting it to youtube. When I do Ill post a link to it here on the site to. I am also sending a copy of the footage to the finance comapny.

    Im still pretty shakin. So that was my crazy repo that should have never been. Sorry for the long post, But helps my nerves to tell people what happened.
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    Holy cannoli, Batman!! I am speechless about your experience but I am super glad you and your family are okay. {{{hugs}}} Wow. Just wow.
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      Make sure he gets charged with attempted grand theft auto. He broke so many laws there it is not even close to funny. Someone threatens to steal my car and force his way in my house, yea i'm going for a firearm.
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        Wow...Just wow!!!

        I am glad that you and your family are ok though.

        I would definitely press charges, because all that he did and said, was not even necessary. If he just gets a slap on the wrist he will continue to do it and eventually someone will get hurt.


        • #5
          Yes, press charges. If you didn't have the cameras, then most likely the police would have believed his lies, and YOU would be the one sitting in jail, at least until/unless you could post bail. If he gets away with it this time, the next person might not be so lucky.


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            Echoing the Wow's above. Nothing like a little excitement in the middle of the night. Well you'll have a good story to tell at gatherings for years.
            Glad you are ok.

            Keep On Smilin'


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              Wow... I'm glad your ok. Their are so many bad ways that could have turned out. I'd press charges in a heartbeat.


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                I will endorse the advice to press charges. My DH is a former cop. There is absolutely no excuse for this dirtbag to be terrorizing you and your family in the middle of the night.

                What if the next time he tries this BS on someone the wife IS home alone (although, if it were me, he would be headless, I too have a double barrel behind my door and a 9mm and the expert badge to prove I know how to use them!)

                Press charges. You have the right to not be accosted in your own home. Thank God for your cameras.

                This is inexcusable and must be stopped in it's tracks. These scums watch way too much reality TV and suddenly think they are Rambo.



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                  Originally posted by etechjc View Post
                  And If I can figure out how to blur the Plates, bleep out some of the info, and cut it down to size, Ill be posting it to youtube. When I do Ill post a link to it here on the site to.
                  You might want to think about that a little. If the video becomes evidence in a case against this guy, having it posted on the internet might not be such a great idea. Youtube is a great place for stupid cat videos, but not evidence in a criminal case.


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                    Yes, definitely press charges against the guy. Send a message to him and his colleagues who probably brag to each other about these kinds of tactics.
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                      Well folks, I spoke with the detective the other day. Originally I was considering not pressing charges as I actually felt little bad for the guy, however, the detective was talking to me and actually convinced me to, So my wife and I pressed charges. He told me the guy has been charged with a few other things and the guy will be finding another profession, however, he didn't go into what the charges might have been. He just took my statement asked me a few questions and that was that. all in all it was about a 15 minute meeting.

                      Funny things is, I have a very territorial 90lb retriever (All bark and no bite, Would never actually bite anyone, But don't tell anyone else that.), And for some reason I didn't think about it until now, She slept thru the whole thing. Usually I have to fight to keep her back and lock her in a room or out back. Fat lot of good she did.

                      Between this and hearing about my neighbor house few houses down being broken into last night I haven't slept much. I am taking my wife out to the range tomorrow and will be picking up another gun. I thought things were supposed to slow down during the winter, Darn it.
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                        WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a waking nightmare that was!!!

                        excellent short story! i was on the edge of my computer. i would go after the company he works for, and i would file ever complaint possible that one can and really get this guy where it counts and the courts!
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                          Wow!!!!!! And I agree too. File complaints against his company AND sue them too. Lets see--emotional distress, $1000, lost wages (I'm sure that after being RUDELY awakened at 3am and then getting put in handcuffs, you had to take the day off work right?

                          And after the criminal process is over (pleads guilty or out of appeals), I'd LOVE to see that video on YT!
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                            IMHO you can sue both the repo firm as well as the finance company for which he acted as agent.
                            Having audio and video is just awesome.
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                              Well Folks, Very little has happened since my talk with the detective. About all that has happened Is I received a letter from the repo guy and a letter from the ex-loan company both basically apologizing for the events of the night. I called the detective a couple days ago and he said they were still investigating the matter. So I am sorry to say there is no update as of yet.

                              Unfortunately, I really don't have time to to file civil suite. I did talk with my lawyer and he said despite the video evidence, If I did win, I would probably still have to go thru bunch extra lengths to collect. He told me that I was better off letting the criminal case run its course. He also told me that if I did decide to file civil case, I shouldn't do it until the criminal cases have run there course anyways.
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