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Why was my account deleted from the forum?

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    Why was my account deleted from the forum?

    I just tried to login a few minutes ago and received an invalid password notice. I tried the forgot password link and it said an account with my email did not exist. I re-registered the same forum username I registered about a year ago without issue. All my old posts are gone (I had them bookmarked). Whats the deal? Did the forum receive a "fresh-start"? Anyone else have this issue?

    One such post I had made was:

    I already submitted a message to the admin via the contact us link as suggest on the 404 page, I just wonder if I am alone in this issue. Thanks!


    I see *something* must've happened to the forums db per:

    but I see no announcement or stickied post regarding this. Maybe I am blind....
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    Sorry this happened.


      Well good to know. I just joined you know hehe


        The site owner made an announcement a while back that the site was deleted. I don't think we made it a sticky. But we did lose thousands of posts and some accounts.
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