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  • Received bill for HOA after Chapter 7 Discharge

    2 years ago, I received a bill while in bankruptcy (chapter 7) from the HOA (over $12K). I gave it to my attorney who advised the HOA that I didn't owe them and I didn't hear anything from them. That was over 2 years ago. Today I received a letter in the mail from a law firm representing the HOA stating...
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  • jjones227
    started a topic When can I stop paying HOA?

    When can I stop paying HOA?

    I surrendered my house in chapter 7 last year, I moved out of the house before filing. As advised by my attorney, I continue to pay HOA dues. The foreclosure proceedings have begun and there is a sale date in a couple of weeks. When can I stop paying HOA dues?
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  • HOA comes after me after the discharge

    When I filed for Ch 7 in February I also included the HOA bill for 2011 for $374.00. On July 7th I got the Discharge and now I got a new bill from HOA, nicely prorated and with late fees and all, for $332. 61.

    My question is obvious: wasn't all this bill discharged? Is this an abuse...
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  • Question about HOA fees

    Hi gang, I am hoping someone can give me some insight into this......we've gone through a Chapter 7 and an impending foreclosure and obviously the damage has been and will be done to our credit, so my question is this.....why should we care if the neighborhood gets a judgement against us for $1200 in...
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  • HOA's sued by investors who buy foreclosed properties

    June 1, 2011

    Two Las Vegas real estate investors filed a lawsuit recently against more than 500 neighborhood associations, claiming the groups charge illegal collection fees to people who own foreclosed homes.

    The massive lawsuit is the latest, and the most spectacular,...
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  • Foreclosure, bankruptcy won't end homeowners association fee

    May 17, 2011

    Middle Tennessee flood victims and other financially distressed property owners have been surprised to learn they can’t escape homeowners association fees even if they are in foreclosure or bankruptcy — or, in the case of Sheryl Lynn Pigg, both.

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  • Discharged in FL, still no foreclosure/vacant 3 yrs. Should I rent it & do I owe HOA?

    Here's some info for all my fellow Florida neighbors (Sarasota County -Tampa Middle District). After filing for Ch. 7 in 2007 & being discharged in 1/2008 my home still sits vacant. The bank filed a Lis Pend in 6/12/2009, it went up for tax sale by county last July where Wachovia/Wells Fargo paid...
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  • HOA Final Judgment - Can I discharge ATTORNEY FEES?


    BACK HOA DUES, The HOA association is the Plaintiff, I am the Defendant. The court has issued a "SUMMARY FINAL JUDGMENT".

    The breakdown on the Judgment;

    $1,000 HOA dues
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  • Can HOA retain a $150 “post bankruptcy legal fee” when refunding overpaid dues?

    filed for chapter 7 8.6.10, discharged 11.9.10. Post-BK hoa dues paid on time for August, September, October, and November. Bank sold condo at sale 9.28.10. No notice to me or HOA. I asked for refund of oct and nov dues, HOA admits to billing lender for those months. Offers me 2 months refund less $150...
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  • Will Homeowners Association Dues be discharged in chapter 7?

    The NOLO book says yes but only under Chapter 13 and later it says yes under Chapter 7, so I am confused.

    I am current on the actual dues, in fact I have never missed a payment, however six years ago I was fined for 'dog damage to lawn' when at the time I didn't even have a dog. They...
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  • Anozira
    started a topic HOA fee prior to filing

    HOA fee prior to filing

    I love this forum! :-) I wish I never had a reason to have found it, but it.


    I plan on filing in 4-6 weeks. My attorney advised me to stop paying my HOA fee. I understand that the unpaid fees would then be included in my bankruptcy,...
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  • Breathing
    started a topic Schedule J - Home Maintenance

    Schedule J - Home Maintenance

    Hi there,

    We're working on our schedule J (Actual Budget) and itemizing for ourselves what is spent, or should be spent for home maintenance going forward to get a total number. Our goal in this exercise it to be able to defend our numbers on Schedule J with either receipts or showing...
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  • bruce2010
    started a topic HOA (Collection Agency) Fees in Chapter 7

    HOA (Collection Agency) Fees in Chapter 7

    This is my first post on the forum, so my apologies if this isn't the correct category for this post. That being said, I did search the forum for my particular situation and didn't see anything, so I'm asking here:

    I just received my Chapter 7 discharge, which is great. The problem however,...
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  • idainc
    started a topic AZ HOA gone wild !

    AZ HOA gone wild !

    We are about a month away from discharge in a no asset Chapter 7 surrendering a house in an HOA. Pre-petition dues to the HOA are in the filing, the HOA filed a lien for them, and they have continued billing prepetition dues during the stay for which I have a hearing scheduled for violation of the...
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