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Opening checking/savings post filing

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    Opening checking/savings post filing

    Which banks will allow me to open a new account after filing chapter 7? So far Wells Fargo and Regions are a no go.

    Which bank did you use prior to your filing?

    FWIW, I opened a savings account two days after my Chapter 13 was discharged; I used the same bank I have been using all along.
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      Try a local credit union. So long as you don't have anything in ChexSystems you should be okay. If you do have something in ChexSystems, then you should obtain a free report from them (at their website), and then dispute anything bad by telling them about the bankruptcy.

      Did you have a bunch of NSFs (insufficient funds) or other account conditions that would be in ChexSystems?
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        I agree with justbroke about the credit union. I actually opened my account while I was in Chapter 13 and there was no problem. Hopefully you have nothing in the ChexSystems.
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