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What to do when your health fails you?

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    shipo - thanks for your note. When I asked, it was because I really never knew of potential issues/risks. I had mine removed laparoscopically a number of years ago and I’ve never had high cholesterol. Before the surgery I was violently sick after eating certain foods and had ongoing side pains..after the surgery, none. I am careful of not over indulging in fatty and spicy foods, but other than that my life never changed. I honestly have never thought about it since it was done. I never suggested it was trivial ..I was just curious what the concerns were.
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    Discharged 8/2/16


      Again, I will say I have never regretted removing my gallbladder because I have always had excellent blood tests -before my most recent surgery, my doctors have always marveled at my bloodwork for hdl, triglycerides,etc. -they have told me I have good "genes"(i.e. for lab results). In other words, I am not likely to get diabetes or have a heart attack any time soon!
      Of course, I don't often drink alcohol, never haven taken drugs (which makes me hate the drug culture in Colorado),detest cigarettes because I trained vocally, I avoid the brutal Colorado sun like the plaque, prefer salads to greasy hamburgers and too salty fries, love exercise (though not hiking,skiing and other Colorado mountain outdoor pursuits). In other words,while I am the most "boring" person ,because I am "only" interested in languages,international film, world culture,art and literature, I am actually quite healthy and look reasonably youthful despite ten years of Colorado injuries, sprains and a worsening , diseased uterus that had to be removed. My lack of a gallbladder has not affected my life here or elsewhere and I do not take any medications at all, nor have any doctors ever told me my health was comprised in any way by not keeping my gallbladder!
      IMHO, once I am allowed to return to sea level , I believe I will thrive, not just survive (as I have to to do in Colorado.)
      I do not miss those long ago side pains and unexpected 'attacks' -since I choose "better" food and drink whenever possible, I don't miss wretched pepperoni pizza and copious amounts of soda,etc. LOL (Not that I ever liked those foods in the first place,haha!)
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        Originally posted by Scottowl View Post
        Kinda good, kinda bad news from my doctor.
        My PSA was normal.
        The ultrasound showed gallstones and fatty deposits on my liver.
        He would like to remove my gall bladder. I would like for him to not do that.
        AS far as the liver, I first have to get the high triglycerides under control, the the blood glucose.
        Sounds like overall good news Scottowl


          It was better than I expected.
          My doctor hit me with a lot of stuff at once, and I didn't process it very well.
          For visits in the future, my phone has a voice recording function that I need to learn to use.
          Also, remembering to use it will be helpful.


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