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  • chapter 7 who can I list as dependent

    Hello Everyone,

    I have come for additional advice. I did consult with 2 probono lawyers. Each gave me different answers. I am in California, I hope that is ok to list. I am unmarried and want to know if Its ok to list my sons father as a dependent? I did claim him on my taxes as he has...
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  • HELOC after Chapter 13 discharge

    We completed a 5 year Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our HELOC was not included in the repayment plan. When I reached out to the bank after discharge they would not work with me to set up payments. The account has been "charged off" but it is still on the books and the collections department wants...
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  • Student loan satisfied but no longer after discharge

    I’ll keep this to the facts. I’m seeking any experience on this matter as my attorney, the two trustees he talked to and a second attorney have never experienced this before and not sure what the best course of action is.

    I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2022. I wrote a check to the...
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  • Triciasue792
    started a topic Ch 7 pro se per diem

    Ch 7 pro se per diem

    I am trying to figure out how I document per diem when filing joint chapter 7 pro se. My husband worked out of state for about 3 of the past 6 months and if i have to include that in the gross income when filling out means test, it will put us over the income limit. It is labeled as "living out...
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  • Consideration for chp 13 late mortgage while being very ill.

    Sick with Flu and COVID caused mortgage to be paid 2wks late. Only I had access to my account. 1st late while in chp 13.

    Mortgage company threatened and said they are notifying trustee.

    My lawyer office has not answered my calls or emails. 🙁😢
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  • Edocil
    started a topic Chapter 13 help!

    Chapter 13 help!

    Hello new here , so to make a long story short , I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy , auto loan is co signed with someone that didn't file , the auto loan company didn't file a claim , then .you lawyer missed the deadline to file a claim on there behalf claiming the didn't have all the info, then the get...
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  • Thingshappen
    started a topic Confirmation hearing FL

    Confirmation hearing FL

    Hello justbroke and others. It’s been a while. Not a whole lot has happened other than the trustee asking for a plan modification to include step up payments after a 401k loan is paid off in 2025. My first confirmation meeting scheduled for next week. Is it possible to get the plan approved on...
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  • IndyNation
    started a topic Trustee Fee amount?

    Trustee Fee amount?

    Hi all,

    I have a question on the trustee fees. I looked through the forum, but am a little confused. Our trustee wants 9.3% or 10%, I'm not sure the lawyer said both numbers.

    But that is in addition to our payback amount?

    So if we owed 100k, then we would have...
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  • codingirl79
    started a topic Humbled, exhausted, I need help.

    Humbled, exhausted, I need help.

    We are currently half way through our chp. 13 bankruptcy. I can say that I have aged considerably, my health has declined due to severe anxiety from my financial stressors. This stress caused me to have to resign from my management position of 15 years. I lost my benefits and the tuition reimbursment...
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  • paying back navy federal after discharge


    I filed a chpt7 back in October 2021 will be receiving my discharge soon. i have a vehicle loan i reaffirmed with Navy Federal and a credit card with navy federal that i included in BK. my qiestion is, if i pay back the credit card after discharge what are my chanced of getting approved...
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  • Previous Credit Card History After BK 7


    If I had 11 years as my oldest card before BK, will it erase those years on my credit report? One of my oldest credit cards that I was again given after BK said I was a member for 11 years, but my credit report says my oldest card was 2 years. Which one is right as far as an offical...
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  • Emu
    started a topic Credit card income

    Credit card income

    I’m filing for chapter 7 and I realized I had inflated my income on credit card I believe I was making 36k and I made it 55k my meeting is in a couple weeks. I haven’t spent money on them or had any crazy purchases but I’m freaking out that I will have an AP after my hearing. Any advice?...
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  • Statement of Insufficient information from US Trustee


    My wife is currently going through Ch 7. Today, we received a letter from the UST stating "...Statement of Insufficient Information Necessary to Make Presumption of Abuse".

    It mentioned something about missing some required means testing documents,, etc.....
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  • Debating CH. 7 BK or to negotiate being used by creditor

    Hi! I am new to the community. I am looking for advice of whether or not to file for Ch. 7 BK or to try and negotiate a 31K debt consolidation loan with the attorneys who are suing me, court date is January 5, 2021. Any help/advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If I do go through with the...
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  • WStuber21
    started a topic Question Should I file Bankruptcy?

    Should I file Bankruptcy?

    I live in Kentucky, and I am 23 years old. I have messed up and dug myself in a financial hole. Well I haven't paid on any credit card bills or my one personal loan in over two years. All accounts are closed, and they are show $0 except a few of them. Two accounts were SOLD to collections, the rest...
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