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    Question Payment Plan

    We've had to change our payment plans a couple of times due to job/wage changes. Now, my parent has cancer and I'm staying with her temporarily to provide support. We live in different states so its quite a drive. My question is with expenses related to a family emergency such as this, is there an opportunity to change or lower payments? I'm spending a lot on gas, additional unavoidable expenses (food and extra utilities - parent is low income) can any of this be considered in regards to our monthly payments? Thoughts? Thanks, as always....

    It's sad to read of your ailing parent. I don't have any an opinion, either way, on whether the Trustee would fight a plan adjustment. I would only hope that the Trustee is compassionate and there is an ability to accept these new expenses.
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    Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


      Aspensage7, I am so sorry to hear about your mother and am sending best wishes to her for better health.
      My mother passed away 9 months before we started the BK13 process (from a very late cancer diagnosis) in January 2017, and she had lived with us for 16 years and four months - from January 2000- April 2016 (her death).
      My only advice, if she is willing and well enough to travel to your current home and you have enough space (i.e., an extra bedroom), is see if she could move in with you and your family. That way you could eliminate extraneous interstate gas, food, utilities, etc. and if you had to lower your payments (if the trustee and court allow) you could prove why you needed to" help" your parent who has a lower income by having her live with you while she is weakest and most ill.
      I'm sure the BK Super Gurus justbroke and shipo, will have different perspectives, and I hope they chime in soon with some relevant thoughts.
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        I appreciate your compassion and feedback. When our attorney told us we'd have a lot happen in those 5 years he wasn't joking. Between job loss, lay offs, illness, fires and evacuations, and now my mother it's like.....will this ever end! 22 more months and counting.....I picked up a PT job teaching thinking it would help balance our deficit out but instead it increased our BK payments by 1500 a month. Literally erasing any positiveness about bringing in a few extra hundred a month. I wish my mom would move in, honestly, but she is reluctant as she's been in her own home for a long time. It's a tough one. But, somehow, someway, we'll get through it.....


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