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How Long After the Seven Year Mark Can Landlords See Prior BK13s?

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    Question How Long After the Seven Year Mark Can Landlords See Prior BK13s?

    We are always casually perusing rental home listings, even though we are planning to stay put until at least early 2024 if possible. (That's when the BK13 case should fall off our credit report.)
    I have, however, seen rental qualification listed such as, no BKs or no BKs for 3 years. Does this mean no BKs ever in your lifetime? If we chose not to disclose the BK13 and its discharge, can the landlords still find the information somewhere like MyLife or Been Verified or is it just a matter of public record into perpetuity?
    Have any of you who rented, say five years beyond your discharge date, had difficulty or an outright denial, based on the mere fact of a successfully discharged BK13?
    We have no plans to buy a house in Washington ever at this point because of the permanently bloated prices and super high yearly homeowner taxes - here a Million Dollar House is often a fixer Upper in as is condition (like our current rental rambler!)
    So, for us renting while we live here is the only sensible financial course.

    I figure, if a landlord has that in their listing, as we say in film auditions Barbisi, NEEEEXT!!! LoL!
    I don't think we will be in a spot where we can't find a place that checks all our boxes. If a landlord does have that, sounds like they got burned, or they have some other reason for not renting to a party with a bk.
    Yknow, if we saw a place, and they chose to be real aholes well, we can do the same... yknow, pull the same passive aggressive BS they throw at us.
    We've been together 27 years so we can improv and play off each other *very* well; we've done it before! Yknow... "oooohh yeaaah.... ... " It usually starts with that doesn't it? LoL.


      Do not worry about this.

      It is more about your credit score than your bankruptcy. I was approved by a major national apartment management company in a "luxury" (I say that with sarcasm) apartment complex in an active Chapter 13. My scores were in the high 600s and they didn't care. They cared about a.) I made 7X the rent, b.) consistently employed by same employer/field, c.) no evictions (ever), and d.) the "rental" score said I was a great candidate. They approved me in less than 4 hours with the minimal (lowest) deposit available of $350.00. (This was a $2,200/month 3-bedroom and I expected to pay at least $4,400 deposit.)

      As a former landlord I will say that consistent employment, no evictions, current employment, and 4X the rent make for a good renter. I never had issues with professionals or military. The rental score (Lexis/Corelogic/MyRental) will always reflect how you actually treat credit. Not some one-time event that happened in the past. At least that's my experience.

      (In fact, I was credit approved for every major apartment complex in my area with the minimum deposits. I was in an active Chapter 13 at the time. I was confused, but realized they look firstly at the rental score! I also, at the same time, was a guarantor on my brother's -- and his family -- apartment while in an active Chapter 13. )
      Chapter 7 (No Asset/Non-Consumer) Filed (Pro Se) 7/08 (converted from Chapter 13 - 2/10)
      Status: (Auto) Discharged and Closed! 5/10
      Visit My BKForum Blog: justbroke's Blog

      Any advice provided is not legal advice, but simply the musings of a fellow bankrupt.


        Thank you justbroke for the reply! (Yes, we have all the criteria listed by you above - no evictions ever, consistent employment, rising credit scores (above 700 for 13, enough income but not 4X ,LOL! etc.)
        I think because of the BK13 still being an issue this year, I am frustrated because we are finding that our current rental is not quite the "bargain" we thought it was. ( i.e. Too remote, too rural, no natural gas, only "dirty" and very expensive diesel oil heating available, too much tree coverage for Dish Network, a host of home system issues (huge non-working built-in "1990's party" basement indoor hot tub slowly filling with underground water despite being fully drained and shut off, possible days long power outages compelling us to buy generators, etc.)
        Had we had other choices that were also near the job back in April when we were searching for a rambler, we definitely wouldn't have rented the Puyallup too small ranch in the first place and then wouldn't have needed to move here in the heat of summer.
        We certainly want a nicer, less problematic, not "in as is lesser condition" rental when we have to move in a couple of years for sure after the Bk13 is no longer prominently visible on our credit report.
        We have had to spend $$$$$ to make this rental comfortable (i.e., multiple ceiling fans, portable air conditioners, etc.) enough to live here until (hopefully) Fall 2024, unless the landlord decides to start his multi lot redevelopment before then and needs us out so he can gut or remodel the house and the surrounding acreage.
        We understand that rental property always will be ridiculously expensive here, because everything costs much more than other places, but we want to improve our location (i.e., get closer to better gyms, more grocery/ shopping choices, better restaurants, etc.) and are willing to pay a lot more next time around. (We are never buying another fixer upper, that is non-negotiable.) And fortunately, many of the pricier rental ramblers do allow cats.
        As I like to joke with complete and accurate honesty, and some others might find this offensive, We're Rentin' in Run Down Renton, and we just want to change that in 2024.
        Last edited by Barbisi; 12-18-2022, 02:27 PM.


          I see this current rental as an improvement over the Puyallup one: we are closer to the job, we have more space. Always focus on continuous improvement. Yes we had to get portable ACs, re-learn how to cut wood and build a fire, use power generators (all bonus learning/discipline activities). We will improve our situation again, and again, and again, in WA and elsewhere as we progress through our life together.
          As for the multi-lot work: Hooooh man gooood luck. That will cost a whoooole looottaaaaa mooooneeeey. Cut down many huge big ol trees, clear out scrub, smaller trees, brush, thickets... junk from hobos apparently; then re-level, then build 3-4 new houses with utilities... all in this current recovery economy... thats just a lot of money in my mind. How much will the houses sell for, and when? When will the work begin? I say, enjoy the peace and quiet while we can in this not so perfect oasis <compared to where we were in Puyallup and CO>.


            Of course, you are right Zombie13! This rental is a vast improvement over the first rambler but sometimes I get frustrated by the chiropractic and gym situation.
            I just got an A+ massage in Bellevue, which just reinforces my opinion about poor little rundown Renton.
            Thank heavens we are out of the brutal Winterland that is Colorado forever and we aren't going to ever buy a home in Renton, LOL!
            We do have a lot to be thankful for.


              Barbisi, I concur 100% on all counts. When we came to WA we knew nothing about the areas, but now we know, for our needs, the 'better' areas are north of our current location.


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