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Chapter 13 341 all done!!


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    Chapter 13 341 all done!!

    After weeks of internal freak outs, anxiety and panic attacks, my 341 is done!!

    So I will say that what everyone else here says is absolutely true, it really is worse in your head and imagination then it is. And I'm the biggest worrying person to ever breathe neurotic air. It really wasn't bad at all but the buildup and natural instinct is to panic. And stress. And while everyone reassuring you it'll be fine and nothing will go wrong, that fear will almost always reign more supreme. So I'll just tell you of my experience.

    I left very early and got there an hour before I was due to be there. I wanted to make sure nothing made me late. Nothing is more annoying to me then someone wasting or not respecting my time so I can only imagine a trustee being just as annoyed at someone doing that. I didn't want to start off a five year relationship like that. Not smart..

    Because I knew my attorney wasn't going to be there and she was sending someone, I tried to do everything other than freak out. Yeah..that didn't work. I paced. I fumbled in my chair. Fairly certain my social security card and license are worn down from the choke hold I had on them to make sure I had them ready to supply at go time. My meeting was first up in the 12:00 PM block which I didn't find odd until I looked at the list for the trustee I had. There wasn't a real order by alphabetical or by attorney. Not even by case number. Just here's your name first. The woman after me had an "A" last name so I thought she'd go first. Guess not.

    The stand in attorney literally did just that..stood in. He barely made it there by noon and we chatted beforehand for about 30 seconds about what to expect. I was slightly annoyed but I just rolled with it. I wanted to get it over with. I did have an opportunity to see some of the people before me go and do their process. Most of them were pretty straightforward and uncomplicated like mine. And those were over in 5 minutes or less.

    Now the case right before mine..yikes. This was the woman's fourth time filing for bankruptcy. Had two Chapter 7's in the past and then another that got dismissed. She had gotten to retirement age and basically lost a lot of her income so she was back to file to save her two homes, her timeshare property and her fleet of cars apparently. Her attorney was completely flustered and unorganized. Didn't know his hand from his a** and it showed. She owed a ton of taxes and her attorney didn't even know she filed her taxes. The trustee asked for a ton of documents and he had none on hand and no idea about a lot of things. So the trustee you're sending me to is going to be annoyed because this woman has annoyed him..awesome..

    He must have flipped a switch because he was completely different with me. He asked the normal questions..full name, address, how long I'd live at my residence and asked for your ID and SS card. Asked me why I was filing and looked through my paperwork. Made some scribble notes and edits on disposable income and wanted to up it to $150 more take home total for me and my husband (who didn't file with me). Told me about owing taxes and how I could have an issue with the IRS who could request a motion to dismiss if we continued to owe. I'm not sure how to remedy that since the tax law changes are the reason we owed this year. It wasn't anything we did wrong. We actually made less money this year then in years prior. But I'll cross that bridge once I get to it.

    Asked did I list all my assets? All my debts? My attorney did warn me he would probably give a raised eyebrow to my son's school expenses but i did tell him he was on the autism spectrum like my attorney advised. But she expected that pushback and prepared me for it. Asked when my car was going to be paid off. And he said..ok you're done, enjoy your day.

    That was it..

    No really, that was it. I breathed a huge sigh of once I got to my car. Had to sit still for about 10 minutes in my car just to get my brain back to normal since it's been in panic mode since I filed. So confirmation is tentatively set for June 18th. Hopefully it won't get continued but my attorney warned me it might be because other creditors need time to file their proofs of claim but according to my schedules they only have until the 12th of June.

    So I would say don't stress..but you will anyway. I'd also say it's really not as terrible as your brain is making it seem but you won't know that until you feel it firsthand for yourself. But I will say you'll have the best sleep ever once it's over. I took a day long nap and ate like I was going to death row. Lol! I still have a lot of hurdles before confirmation and eventually discharge but at least one hurdle has been cleared

    I really like your post Congrats for the important step being completed today!
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      Glad you made it through! About the taxes, IRS should amend their POC if you own more (or less) and in my case I think they amended it upwards. I'll guess that the IRS would seek a motion to dismiss if the tax arrearage is more than your plan base.The IRS is your most diligent and involved creditor, you never have to worry about them not paying attention to your case until they get paid in full. Ask your attorney about POC amendments if the issue comes up.
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        sophieanne thanks

        I just wanted to give my take on it and knowing that tons of people are at this very moment lying awake dreading this day helped me try to be as descriptive as possible on just what I experienced. I try to keep it short but much like my conversations that never

        One hurdle down. Hopefully the others won't trip me up!


          switch625 I did and with minimal damage

          My attorney actually told me the IRS probably would file an amended POC and they absolutely did even before my 341. They sent me a letter on April 16th about why we didn't file our taxes. I've NEVER seen them that "on it." We actually were waiting for a new copy of my husband's W2 from his commission job so we requested an extension. Lemme tell you Get it done and get it done NOW! As far as they were concerned I was insolvent and I needed to report just how insolvent I was. And maybe a few days ago they send a very nice letter addressed to my husband that said "your wife might get discharged but that means squat because you're still on hook for the joint debt." Its written into my plan to pay the joint arrears so. I'm not sure if that was even necessary but I'm not arguing with the alphabet boys. They can make your life unbearable in ways that have you eating cat food and using newspaper for toilet paper. No thank you..


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